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Limestone Honing

“Are you ready to get your limestone honed….”


Limestone Honing Defined:


Our competitors say “honing” is a process to finish stone. Tile retailers refer to a “honed” stone as one that has been “finished” at the factory, suggesting the stone needs no further care or maintenance and will look as beautiful on your floor as does the showroom sample.

We prefer the term “custom abrasive process” because that is far more descriptive and accurate. The custom abrasive process is designed to be the most effective without causing damage by unnecessarily opening up air pockets that turn into holes. We use lower grit levels with more sanding impact which will clean the stone & finish the limestone to a soft sheen with glowing reflection. What our competitors refer to as a “honed” finish, we describe as a “satin glow finish”. Need your limestone holes filled? We are able to fill the holes with our Traverfil grout or epoxy based fill system to blend with your stone.


What a difference!


limestone honing by Orlando Travertine Restoration   limestone honing by Orlando Travertine Restoration

Right side: A supposedly “honed” limestone after installation.
Left side: Our version of “honed” we call a Satin Finish, clean and smooth with subtle reflection.


Limestone Honing Process


Limestone honing is the most common procedure performed on limestone as the vast majority of limestone installations are fabricated to a honed finish. When your limestone has worn for several or more years and has inevitably developed small holes and a generally dull or poor appearance you may be ready for limestone honing.


Orlando Travertine Restoration is able to machine hone your limestone with the use of diamond abrasives. This procedure will remove minor scratches and surface abrasion and return the limestone to a like new appearance or in many instances better. Of course, you may elect a slightly higher hone or lower hone depending upon your taste and preference.


Limestone Honing


Limestone Honing can also be performed with only the use of abrasive compound, known as honing compounds. These honing compounds will typically produce an acceptable finish, but will not correct more extreme wear and tear issues. In instances where removing excessive lippage is desired or  more significant wear is present, our limestone restoration service would be necessary. Compounds are traditionally used for annual maintenance and every few years the diamond abrasive method can keep you honed limestone looking new. Caveat: Using honing compounds is typically reserved for a finish that is more matte. This is based upon the premise that honing compounds will not provide a great deal of clarity to your limestone finish.


Are you ready to get your limestone honed and looking new again?


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