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Limestone Cleaning

Do You Need Your Limestone Floors Cleaned?


Our limestone cleaning process typically involves the use of our high pressure hot water extraction unit (up to 1200 psi). This tool provides the most effective limestone steam cleaning method for your stone. Effective and thorough cleaning is crucial for a smooth looking uniform finish and proper sealing. Our unique state-of-the-art cleaning process will yield you the MAXIMUM soil removal of your limestone tile.

Often times, homeowner’s do not even realize how dirty their limestone floors are until they rearranging furniture or pick up their rugs for cleaning.  When they do discover how clean it is under these areas, they quickly realize the need for a deep and thorough cleaning. With all the little holes as well as grout lines, it doesn’t take long for your limestone to  gather quiet a but of soiling, especially in high traffic areas. We relish our client’s “Aha Moment” when they see their fresh clean limestone tile floors.


Our limestone cleaning tool pulling out dirt and grime

Our cleaning tool pulling out dirt and grime collected in the pits of the Limestone.


Limestone Cleaning and Grout

This same process is applicable as well with travertine and marble.  Once we have completed the cleaning process, the tile as well as the grout lines reveal a much cleaner and brighter floor. Limestone can be one of the more difficult natural stone surfaces to clean properly. We have several highly effective methods to clean limestone depending on your specific situation.

If you would like to learn more about our limestone or travertine cleaning process, or are ready to schedule your free estimate, please visit us at orlandotravertinerestoration.com or call 407-279-3739.

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