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Grout Haze Removal

Travertine Grout Haze Removal

There is a good chance if you are reading this that you may very well be inclined to believe that you have grout haze on your travertine. Continue reading for more input. You may have even tried a variety of products to resolve your travertine grout haze removal yourself and realized it is not as simple as some make it out to be.

To begin with, while the term “travertine grout haze” is thrown around a great deal, there are many instances, where the problem is more than merely a “haze”. A “film” and even clumps are more appropriate than “haze”. Then, too, as far as removal a film is much more difficult to remove than a grout haze. See the picture (on the right) with travertine grout haze? In reality, that was a fairly significant film with some clumps of grout too. There was no amount of cleaning the travertine that was going to remove the grout film left behind from sloppy installers.

Is Cleaning Travertine Grout Haze A Solution?

Grout Haze removal Travertine Grout Haze removal Orlando

Indeed, the installers failed to do their job correctly. They should have been cleaning their sponges more frequently and keeping their pails of rinse water changed out frequently. Now the problem is on your back because someone did not supervise them or follow-up on their work.

Travertine Grout Haze Removal Solution

The next picture (on the left) is after we removed the grout film from the travertine. We had to use diamond abrasives and hone the travertine to removing the grout film on the travertine. A secondary benefit to our travertine honing process was it eliminated much of the blotchy appearance that was taking away from the beauty of the travertine.

Thus, if you’re ready to have your travertine grout haze removed and eliminate damaging your travertine from improper cleaning products call us @ 407-279-3739 NOW!