Orlando Travertine Restoration

Orlando Travertine Restoration

Orlando Travertine Restoration

Orlando Travertine Restoration

Travertine Grout Cleaning

Standard Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning is the first and most basic step in travertine tile and grout restoration. First, a commercial tile and grout cleaner is applied to the entire tile floor, after which, all grout lines are agitated and all tile is brushed down. After the cleaning agent has been allowed time to emulsify the dirt and grime, it is removed using high pressure steam which breaks up the soiling, which is then extracted using a high pressure extraction vacuum system. This will effectively remove dirt and grime from your grout, leaving you with both sparkling clean grout and tile. Rest assured our Six Step tile and grout cleaning process provides MAXIMUM SOIL REMOVAL.


Maintenance Grout And Tile Cleaning

Orlando Travertine- regrout

cleaning and regrouting Travertine shower

Orlando Travertine-clean grout

Clean Travertine Shower and re-grout

For those customers who have already taken advantage of our ColorSeal Stain Sealing process, we offer maintenance cleanings to prolong the life of the finish on stain sealed grout surfaces. This service involves an application of our specially formulated, neutral pH maintenance cleaning product, which is agitated into the tile and grout manually and then removed, along with dirt and grime, using our pressure steam treatment and extraction system leaving you with exceptionally clean tile and grout once again.


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