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Marble Shower Cleaning

Does Your Marble Shower Need Cleaning?

A few unique problems will arise with cleaning a marble shower versus cleaning a typical marble surfaces.  The main issue we find is build up from soaps, shampoos and other products. This build up usually has a thick, white, chalky film. You can rub your fingers over it and feel it on the marble tiles within the shower.

Most homeowners are not aware that you cannot use standard shower cleaner on marble or other natural stone tiles. Most bath and shower sprays that you find at your local store are highly acidic because they are designed to remove mineral deposits. Being that natural stones such as marble are also a mineral, using these cleaners will cause significant damage. Thankfully, Orlando Travertine Restoration has a unique method to clean your marble shower and remove mineral stains, water spots and soap build up, safely

Related Marble Shower Cleaning Problems

Other problems associated with cleaning showers is finding mold and/or mildew. When we find either of these on any surface, we strive to identify what the root cause of this may be and address any other potential, serious problems. We will advise you of our findings and offer solutions prior to you investing money in your marble shower cleaning. If the cause is not rectified, then it will continue to re-appear shortly after we finish. Education before any sale has always been our motto, and continues to this day.



Marble Shower Cleaning, Orlando FL

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Marble Shower Cleaning- Orlando, FL

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