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Marble Grout Cleaning

Do I Need My Marble Grout Cleaned?


In many instances over time the grout of your marble may become soiled. If the grout is soiled the entire floor no matter how beautiful will look drab and unappealing. If the grout has has become very dirty, you have issues that need addressing to resolve this so it does not reoccur.

Dirt in grout lines- Orlando Travertine Restoration FL

Dirt in Grout Lines

clean grout lines- Orlando Travertine Restoration, FL

Clean Grout Lines


There are several reasons that typically contribute to marble grout becoming dirty.

• You are bringing dirt into your home from outside. This can mean your walkways, garage etc. are not being kept clean of debris.

• Door mats inside and outside of entrances are not being used or are not being kept clean.

• When mopping your marble floor, you are not properly dust mopping. Thus, you are pushing the soil down into the grout lines.

• Your dust mop or mop is not being kept clean.

• You are using the wrong cleaners and they are leaving a residue behind that cause the marble grout to rapidly re-soil.


Solution to Marble Grout Cleaning

Orlando Travertine Restoration wishes there was some sort of magical solution we could recommend to resolve it. Attention to detail on your end is the solution.

Marble Entry Steps covered in Leaves and debris

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