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Exterior Travertine Tiles: How to Keep Them Looking Their Best

Posted on: June 13th, 2017 by orlandof
Travertine tiles pool deck

Travertine Tiles In An Exterior Setting

Travertine tiles are a great choice of stone for exterior flooring and decorating. It looks elegant, neutral and easy to maintain at home or in any commercial use in Orlando. With its wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from, travertine is a stylish and versatile choice for natural stone.

Wide Variety of Choices

Travertine is a variety of limestone formed by mineral springs and is available in different pastel colors and patterns. Travertine tiles can be mistaken for marble, but it stands out because of its fibrous texture and tantalizing patinas. An excellent choice inside as flooring, counter tops and showers, while also an outstanding option for outdoor use.  Travertine wall cladding, exterior pavers, swimming pool tiles, decks, spas and flooring add a level of sophistication to any outdoor sanctuary. Travertine is more common than marble or granite because it’s widely available, easy to quarry and weighs less.

Need A Professional Touch For Travertine Tile Cleaning?

Like any material constantly exposed to the elements, travertine tiles will lose its natural beauty due to dirt, plant growth, weather and traffic. It is important to perform regular cleaning and maintenance on your travertine. Although, when you begin to find etch marks, scratches, stains, pitting, chips and cracks or the stone becomes dull and lacks luster, these issues cannot simply be “wiped off”. Professional travertine cleaning and restoration will be required.

“Our custom abrasive process is designed to be the most effective without causing damage by unnecessarily opening up air pockets that turn into holes. We use lower grit levels with more sanding impact which will clean the stone & finish the Travertine to a soft sheen with glowing reflection. What our competitors refer to as a “honed” finish, we describe as a “satin glow finish”. Need your travertine holes filled? We are able to fill the holes with our Traverfill grout or epoxy based fill system to blend with your stone. We recommend to all of our clients the application of a penetrating sealer. It is a great way to protect the stone from damage and staining.” Read more about all of our Travertine services here.

Orlando Travertine Restoration offers outstanding cleaning, honing, sealing, refinishing, restoration, and repair services throughout the Orlando area. With over a decade of experience we have a seasoned team of highly trained professional stone restoration experts available to deliver exceptional results. Give us a call today to learn more about our travertine tile cleaning and restoration services at 407-279-3739.

Is Your Travertine Tile Clean? Tips From Natural Stone Experts

Posted on: May 17th, 2017 by orlandof

travertine cleaning and restorationOrlando Traverine Restoration specializes in natural stone tile cleaning including; Limestone, Marble and Travertine. Proudly serving Greater Orlando and surrounding areas. Let us show you how we can restore you stone floors and return them to their original beauty. Natural stones such as limestone and travertine are naturally porous due to the process in which they are formed. This means, without proper sealing, the tile will easily collect dirt, debris and grime on the surface and natural pits.


Cleaning Travertine

Our industry specific machines make the process of cleaning travertine stone floors much more effective than what most home and business owners are able to achieve on their own. Our technique and equipment can be used on all natural stone surfaces and types. They are restored and cleaned in the same process implementing our enclosed high pressure unit in conjunction with our rotary slow rpm machine. Our technicians clean the entire tile surface and the adjoining grout lines to ensure a completely clean and revitalized appearance.

Maintenance of Travertine

The most common travertine stone used within homes and commercial applications are honed (satin smooth appearance and little light reflection) and polished (high gloss appearance which reflects light and accentuates the color and markings within the stone.) Though beautiful to look at, these flooring options easily show traffic wear and debris. Normal cleaning and mopping will not completely remove the buildup of dirt and will require more frequent professional intervention to restore it’s like new appearance. Stone with lighter coloring will reflect stains easier than dark stone. Limestone is available in a wide variety of colors, though mostly in the palate of beiges and creams, often referred to as Applestone, and have a much higher opportunity to show staining, dirt and etching.

Sealing Travertine

We often are asked by our clients if it is possible to remove stains and etching from their natural stone surfaces. In most cases, with the use of our cleaning and honing system, we can remove most stains and etch marks found within the stone, depending on the depth of the stain’s penetration into the stone. Another common call we receive is to remove scratches made on the stone made from high foot traffic, dog nails, children’s toys and furniture. Depending on the depth of the scratch, most can be repaired and in most cases, undetectable. We always recommend a high quality penetrating sealer to protect the stone tile surfaces from scratching and staining. This is most important in kitchens and bathrooms where most staining occurs from spills. With a proper sealant applied, most spills will bead on the surface of the stone, allowing you time to clean it up and avoid staining and costly restoration.

If you are looking for professional travertine cleaning and sealing services, contact Orlando Travertine Restoration at 407-279-3739 or request your free quote here!